Sant Sammelan Mumbai

Virat Sant Sammelan in Mumbai
Religious leaders exhort society to fight terror unitedly
Saints to take up national awareness campaign
Mumbai: Our country has been seized by terrorism. More than 150 saints who were present for the Sankalpa Sabha proclaimed that to defend the country from terrorism, the usual secular image of he country will be replaced by spiritual nation.The Sabha which was organized by Dharma Raksha Manch here on Somaya Grounds was attended by 150000 proud Hindus.To realize this resolve whole country will be covered during the period 20th February to 20th March 2009. The attendees were guided in the direction of completion of the resolve by the brilliant speeches of the Saints present for the Sabha.
Noted saint Shri Asaram Bapu presided over the Sammelan. VHP president Shri Ashok Singhal, Sadhvi Ritambhara, Swami Hansraj, Rameshwardas Maharaj from Rishikesh, Raghwacharya Maharaj from Rewasa Peeth, Parmanand Maharaj, Krishan Muni Maharaj, Jain Muni Vimal Sagar Maharaj, Ramkamaldas Vedanti from Kashi, Nrityagopaldas of Ramjanmabhoomi Trust, VHP general secretary Dr Pravin Togadiya, Ramvilas Maharaj, Devendranath Maharaj, Ravindraji Maharaj, Chaitanya Maharaj, Harigiri Maharaj, Shivshankargiri Maharaj and senior Sangh Pracharak Shri Madhubhai Kulkarni attended the Sammelan.

Saints exhort society to fight terror  :

Addressing the gathering of more than one lakh people Sant Asaram Bapu said together we have to end terrorism from within and outside the country. For the uplift of the poor, those who are able, should provide education, health care, homestead and employment to them. With the help of outsiders and the missionaries, conspiracies are being hatched to defame the Hindu seers and their religious beliefs. Hindus should inculcate more faith in their seers, so that more and more people can be returned to their fold. Children should be well brought up in a cultured environment rather than in a school built by people believing in conversions, he added.

Resolve to end terrorism – Sant Shri Asaramji  Bapu : 


Uplift poors & Educate children –  Sant Shri Asaramji  Bapu : 

Shakti Bhakti Mukti – Sant Shri Asaramji  Bapu :

In her usual aggressive way, Sadhvi Ritambhara said India and Hindus are in a sensitive, vulnerable situation. If Mahatma Gandhi after Independence had installed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel instead of Pandit Nehru as leader of the country we would not have come to this situation. Soon after Independence the nation through outside conspiracies is caught in the mires of self-aggrandisation and consumerism at the cost of spiritualism. Because of increase in terrorism, conversions, incursions, poverty, nepotism and unemployment, the seers leaving their spiritualism and godly prayers, have to step into the mundane revolutionary activities.
She also chided the media for considering this step an escape from facing terrorism. Seers are not afraid of terrorism and teach bravery. Whenever there was an invasion on religion or otherwise, the seers have taken arms and defended the motherland. She also said that India would not rest until the dream of united India is achieved. She opined that missionaries in the garb of service are indulging in conversions. Anybody can stay in our country provided they love this country and respect its traditions.


Indians not afraid of terrorism – Sadhvi Ritambhara :

Together We can & We will combat terror : 


Akhada Parishads Gyandas Maharaj pleaded for a government not sympathetic to terror perpetrators. Akhada Parishads general secretary Harigiri Maharaj requested the media to be bipartisan and straightforward. Dharmacharya Gangadhar Saraswati appealed to Muslims to accept common civil code. He said whenever they want, only Shariat is implemented, but when it comes to criminality they want application of Indian Criminal Code to save themselves from the harsh Shariat laws. Other Muslim countries have enacted their civil and criminal laws, then why only in India do they want differential treatment? Ramdayal Maharaj warned the government to stop ill-treatment of majority community under the guise of secularism. Parmatmanand Maharaj of Acharya Mahasabha was of the opinion that increase in terrorism is a direct result of lack of political will and determination.

Terrorism is result of lack of political determination : 


Swami Chinmayanand said todays government has damaged self-respect. He was of the opinion that if Afzal Guru had been hanged, the November 26, 2008 incident in Mumbai would not have occurred. He challenged the terrorists to come out of stealth and darkness and face our Jawans in hand-to-hand combat. Addressing the youth, he asked them to give their youth to the country so that a spiritual India is resurrected. He said the Preamble of Constitution should have spiritualism rather than secularism. Tanpure Maharaj of Varkari Sampraday said that Shivajis Maharashtra cannot allow terrorism. And for this, he said, we should all come together, overcoming the differences of cast and creed divisions


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  1. Ajax Says:

    HARI OM, The Eclipse on India is SONIA GANDHI. ALL HINDUS should learn now the Kshtra Dharma. WEAPONS BEFORE FOOD, If Hindus have to save themselves. How many Hindus can this filthy gutter foreign christian’s goons kill, before Hindus wipe the christian demons and terrorists from face of India. Negligible

  2. deepu Says:

    HARI OM,iam very happy with ur this web-site seva shall bapuji bless u n u get more n more limit-less suceess,for any help or suggestion call any-time me on-09322531500,deepubai from ulhasnagar,mumbai(maharashtra)

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